Air Conditioning in Stuart, FL by Breathe Healthier Air

Professional air conditioning services are a necessity in Florida. Not only do we endure hot and humid summers here, but we can encounter warm temperatures at almost any time of the year. To overcome this barrage of heat, you can’t rely on just anybody who advertises air conditioning work: you need to call on experienced professionals with a history of customer satisfaction and a wide range of services.

In Stuart and the surrounding areas you will be hard-pressed to find a better HVAC company to contact when it comes to air conditioning than Breathe Healthier Air. We offer installation of many ENERGY STAR®-qualified AC systems, including solar-powered air conditioning. If you need air conditioning repair in Stuart, our technicians can help get your faulty system up and running so your family is comfortable once more.

If you are looking for quality air conditioning services in Stuart, FL or the surrounding areas, call on the professionals at Breathe Healthier Air.

We Offer Quality AC Repair and Air Conditioner Maintenance in Stuart

We aren’t just a “fix it and forget it” company in Stuart, FL. After we repair your air conditioner, we will run it through a complete check to see that it is working at peak performance. We also go above and beyond when it comes to regular air conditioning maintenance. Instead of simply going through a checklist, we also perform a thorough cleaning and servicing of the air conditioner, which includes checking and tightening every electrical connection. Afterwards, we provide the customer with a full report so they can see all the work our technicians have done. As long as you have a service agreement with us, you will never receive a labor charge for the work. We’ve helped thousands of customers in Stuart, FL and beyond, and we would love an opportunity to earn your business. To learn more about our air conditioning repair, installation, or maintenance services in Stuart, FL, please contact us right away.

“Air conditioning” covers many more types of systems than it once did. Not only do we service AC units, whole house air conditioners, and ductless AC systems, but we also offer a variety of central AC services. We provide comprehensive central AC services for residents in Stuart, including professional installation, replacement repair, maintenance and more.

Ductless Air Conditioning

For homes that don’t have space for ducts, or for planning new home construction, ductless air conditioning is an excellent choice. These units send cooled air directly into rooms through wall–mounted blowers that connect to a single outdoor unit. Ductless ACs not only save space, they work with high energy–efficiency and can help improve indoor air quality.

Heat Pumps

When you have a heat pump installed in your home, you have your heating and cooling needs taken care of. A heat pump works like an air conditioner that can switch the direction that it moves heat so that it can both cool and warm a house. For Florida’s climates, heat pumps have high levels of energy efficient performance. We install, repair, and maintain heat pumps.

Solar Air Conditioning

Why not harness the Florida sun to power your AC? Solar air conditioning systems are a great way to lower your cooling bills to almost nothing while also benefiting the environment with green technology. Best of all, solar air conditioning systems may be more affordable than you think. Contact Breathe Healthier Air to learn more about our solar AC services today. 

Thermostats & Zone Control Systems

It’s true that an air conditioner is only as good as the thermostat that controls it. Updating your thermostat can help you lower energy waste and provide better cooling for your home. You can also contact our team to handle repairs that your thermostat may need. Our team can help you decide whether or not a WiFi or Smartphone enabled thermostat is the right decision for you and your needs. 

Instead of cooling down your entire home each time the AC turns on—and probably wasting energy on empty rooms—you can have our experts install a zone control system. This will divide up your home into different zones that can have their climates manipulated separately from each other. We can install zone control as part of a new air conditioning system or to retro–fit the air conditioner you already have.

Call Us for Central Air Conditioner Services

If you live in Stuart, Florida, at some point you will need to have professional air conditioning service in order to keep your home cool. Make sure that you call Breathe Healthier Air for the job. Not only do we offer superlative service and highly trained technicians, but we are locally owned and operated and dedicated to serving our community.