Commercial Air Purifiers in Stuart, FL by Breathe Healthier Air

Commercial heating and air conditioning systems heat or cool the air in your building before sending it through a long set of air ducts that lead to the vents throughout your property. The air first passes through an air filter, but contaminants may still get through the ducts and move into rooms and offices on your property. This can mean an increase in dust all around your building. But more importantly, it can have a negative effect on the health of many of the people involved with your business. Call one of our commercial indoor air quality specialists today, and find out how you can benefit from a commercial air purifier. Breathe Healthier Air carries the top brands, and we offer installation and repairs.

Breathe Healthier Air provides commercial air purifier services near Stuart, FL and the surrounding areas.

Types of Commercial Air Purifiers Available

There are several different types of systems that you can use to clean the air on a commercial property. Some air purifiers release ions that give a charge to the particles in your air. These particles then cling to a metal plate within the system, or else they stick to surfaces in your home (and can then be wiped away). These are highly effective at removing a majority of air contaminants. UV lights are another option, which instantly kill bio–contaminants like viruses and bacteria. On the other hand, you might decide to install a commercial grade air filtration system in order to add additional filtration surpassing that of the standard commercial air filter. Call a technician to find out which type of system is right for your property.

Signs You Need a Commercial Air Purifier

We think that any commercial property can benefit from installing a new commercial air purifier. But if you’re having trouble deciding whether it’s right for you, check out our list of ways to tell it’s time to call a technician.

  • Stale Air: If people on your property complain about the air being stuffy or stale, it’s worth it to consider an indoor air quality system installed by a professional technician.
  • Sick Days: It’s allergy season, and the people who work on your commercial property seem to be feeling it. Could it be that your air conditioning and heating system is contributing to their illnesses?
  • Visible Dust and Debris in the Air: Dust blowing out of the vents of your home is a sure sign that your indoor air quality can stand to improve.

We Install and Service Commercial Air Purifiers

If you are looking for a way to improve the air quality on your commercial property we will help find the system that works best for your business. Tenants, clients, and employees can breathe a little easier with the help of a commercial air purifier on site. Let us help you assess your air quality, your budget, and the size of your HVAC system to determine which model is best for your business. We install and service commercial air purifiers and filtration systems throughout the area, and Breathe Healthier Air is committed to helping you improve your air quality.