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The most common way that people heat their homes is with forced-air systems. These are heaters that raise the temperature of air and then use a blower fan to send the heated air into a ventilation network. Furnaces, both electric and gas-powered, are a type of forced-air heater, as are heat pumps.

But not all forced-air heaters require that a buildings that has ductwork. Ductless heating systems, also known as ductless mini split systems, are becoming popular for homes. They offer some significant advantages over traditional central heating systems. If you would like to find out more about the possibilities for ductless heating in your home, call on Breathe Healthier Air. We offer comprehensive service for ductless heating in the greater Stuart area, including new installation, replacement, repairs, and regular maintenance.

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How Ductless Heating Works

Ductless heaters are a type of heat pump, and work in much the same fashion as heat pumps that are hooked up to ducts. Refrigerant moves between a set of indoor and outdoor units, absorbing heat from the outside and then releasing it to the inside.

The difference with a ductless mini split is that the single outdoor unit connects to multiple smaller indoor units that are placed on the walls of rooms around the house. Each of these indoor units contains a refrigerant coil and blower fan. The unit sends heated air straight into the room without requiring any ductwork.

The Advantages of Installing a Ductless Split System

Although a ductless mini split heat pump is not the ideal choice for every home, the benefits they offer make them a possibility that many homeowners should consider for new installation:

  • Heating and cooling – Ductless mini split systems are a type of heat pump, which means that they can reverse the direction they move heat and also work as air conditioners. With only a single adjustment to your thermostat, you can shift over to high–power air conditioning during the summer.
  • Energy efficiency – The lack of ducts helps significantly to increase the energy efficiency of a heating system. Ducts experience heat loss through their walls, and even a small leak can result in a great deal of wasted heated air. A ductless mini split heat pump experiences none of these energy–draining problems.
  • Home construction flexibility – If you are planning to build a new home, or you are going to do a major remodel of your current home, a ductless mini split offers you greater freedom to design it the way you want because there are no space–consuming ducts to worry about.
  • Improved indoor air quality – Ducts collect large amounts of contaminants that will end up blown out into your home’s air. A system that doesn’t use ducts will give you healthier air. This is especially beneficial if there are people in your household who suffer from allergies and asthma, or if you have pets.

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