Heat Pumps in Stuart, FL

Heat pumps are not a type of comfort system that works ideally for all parts of the country. But they are extremely well-suited to the climate in Florida, where they work as powerful air conditioners and energy-efficient heaters. For homeowners who are looking for an alternative to the standard air conditioner and furnace combination for their year-round comfort, a heat pump offers numerous benefits.

Whether you are looking into the possibility of a heat pump installation or you already have a heat pump and need professional repairs or maintenance to keep it working, you have come to the right place. Breathe Healthier Air offers comprehensive heat pump service in the area, and we back up all our repair work with a 3-year parts guarantee. We will see that you receive the work necessary, done fast and done right.

Breathe Healthier Air offers complete services for heat pumps in Stuart, FL and the surrounding areas.

How a Heat Pump System Works

A heat pump is essentially a type of air conditioning system. It uses electrical power to run a compressor that raises the temperature and pressure of refrigerant, and then circulates the refrigerant between indoor and outdoor units. In one location, the refrigerant absorbs heat, and in the other it releases it.

An air conditioner can only run this process one direction so that the indoor coil absorbs heat and the outdoor coil releases it. A heat pump, thanks to a component called the reversing valve, can change the direction that the refrigerant moves so that it absorbs heat from the outside and releases it inside. Because of Florida’s mild winters, heat pumps usually have no trouble siphoning sufficient heat levels from the outdoors to provide comfort for the indoors.

Why Consider Heat Pump Installation?

Although a heat pump isn’t the best match for every house, the advantages they offer make them something most homeowners should consider.

The major benefit is that they are a “two–in–one” unit that takes care of the heating and cooling needs for the whole year. You don’t need to have a separate heating system installed along with your air conditioner.

When in heating mode, heat pumps work at much higher energy efficiency levels than systems such as electric furnaces and natural gas furnaces. This is because heat pumps do not burn any fuel to generate heat, but instead use electricity to power components that move heat from one place to another. Switching from a different form of heating to a heat pump can mean saving up to a third on your heating costs during the winter season.

We Also Offer Heat Pump Repair and Heat Pump Maintenance

The technicians at Breathe Healthier Air are skilled at handling a full range of services for heat pumps. They will help you with regular maintenance that will see that your home’s heat pump is prepared for the summer and winter seasons. And if your heat pump should ever start to malfunction and have trouble with either heating or cooling your home, you just need to give us a call and we will repair it. For all your comfort needs look to our experience and expertise.