Heat Recovery Ventilators in Stuart, FL by Breathe Healthier Air

When you turn on your air conditioning system on a hot day, you keep your windows shut and your doors closed. If warm air is able to leak into the home, your air conditioner will have to run for much longer in order to keep you cool. This leads to higher energy bills, discomfort, and potential repair needs within the system, which is why you may even take extra steps to seal air leaks around the house. But all this airtightness can actually lead to some problems with your indoor air quality.

Stuffy, stale air is a common symptom of homes that have air conditioning or heating systems running frequently and little airflow from the outside. An HRV system, or heat recovery ventilator, can give you the ventilation necessary to feel comfortable without raising your energy bills too much. Heat recovery ventilators are installed by HVAC professionals to bring fresh air in from the outdoors and precondition it so that the temperature is not affected. Contact Breathe Healthier Air to learn more and to schedule installation today!

Breathe Healthier Air provides het recovery ventilators near Stuart, FL and the surrounding areas.

Signs that a Heat Recovery Ventilator Can Help Your Home

It’s a feeling that’s tough to describe. The air seems “stuffy,” and you just cannot seem to get comfortable. A lack of ventilation can have an impact on your comfort because the same air is recycled over and over again. There may also be odors in the home that are tough to get rid of and high levels of humidity. If you or anyone in your family experiences discomfort due to a lack of ventilation, it may be worth it to look into purchasing a heat recovery ventilator. An expert can help you assess your indoor air quality needs and decide whether this is the right system for you or if an air purifier or advanced filtration system is a better fit. We recommend it to many people with tightly sealed, ducted homes built within the last few decades.

How a Heat Recovery Ventilator Works

A heat recovery ventilator brings fresh air into a home without affecting the energy efficiency of your air conditioner or your heating system. How is this possible? The HRV system is able to transfer heat from one stream of air to the other as stale air leaves the home and fresh air enters. In the winter, the stale air leaving the home transfers its heat to the cool, fresh air entering the home. In the summer, the fresh air entering the home can transfer heat to the stale air as it vents out of the house.

Contact Our Experts to Learn More

Considering a heat recover ventilator for your home? Contact a specialist before you finalize the decision. An indoor air quality expert will listen to your needs and help you select a system that can give you peace of mind over the quality of the air in your home. When you speak with Breathe Healthier Air professionals, they won’t use any pushy sales tactics to get you a system you don’t need. We offer friendly, helpful advice and professional installation and services for heat recovery ventilators or any other indoor air quality system you may choose instead. Call our team today!