Heating in Stuart, FL by Breathe Healthier Air

Staying cool in Florida is the major concern during the long summers, but that doesn’t mean we get to avoid cold days altogether—far from it. We may have milder winters compared to much of the rest of the country, but effective home heating systems are still a necessity if families wish to enjoy comfort inside their homes every day of the year.

At Breathe Healthier Air, we are committed to bringing the same level of skill to heating that we provide for air conditioning. Our technicians offer a wide range of services, starting with excellent new installation for furnaces and heat pumps. We provide fast repairs for malfunctioning heaters, and we back up all our repair work with a 3-year parts guarantee. You can count on us to help you keep your heater running—and running at high energy efficiency—whenever it’s needed.

If you are searching for professional heating services in Stuart, FL or the surrounding areas, call on the experienced team at Breathe Healthier Air.

We Install Quality Heating Systems

You should always look to experienced professionals when it is time to put in a new heater for a home. Well–chosen experts will make sure that the heater is the right size to effectively warm your home without wasting energy, and they will also see that the work is done safely—a very important factor to consider if you have a gas–powered furnace. When you are in the market for a new heater installation or replacement, give Breathe Healthier Air a call and let us take care of everything.

Services Our Heating Contractor Offer

Our heating services are comprehensive—repairs, maintenance, installation, replacement—and cover a variety of different types of heating systems. Below are some of the services you can arrange with us:

Most people think of heating as a furnace or a heat pump that is connected to a network of ducts. But ductless mini splits allow you to enjoy central heating without a space–consuming ventilation system. Ductless heating offers some other advantages as well, such as superior energy efficiency and improvements in indoor air quality. We offer installation and other services for ductless mini splits.

Furnaces remain the most common type of heating system in the country thanks to their powerful output and availability. Our technicians install and service both natural gas furnaces and electric furnaces. No matter what work you need done for the furnace in your home, you can trust us to get the job done right.

Heat pumps make a lot of sense for the Florida climate. These comfort systems work as both air conditioners and heaters, and when in heating mode they offer high savings compared to many other types of system, especially in milder winter temperatures. Contact us today to arrange for whatever heat pump service you may need.

Solar energy can provide power for many parts of a home, including the heating system. A solar–powered heat pump is great way to save money when it comes to home comfort: just give us a call today to find out more about the details.

A quality thermostat will help you receive the most from your home’s heater. If you still have an outdated thermostat with manual sliders and dials, you should call our team to learn about the options for new thermostats that are now available. Our team will help with upgrades, new installations, and repairs for your thermostats.

Are you tired of heating up your entire home—including empty rooms—whenever your forced–air heater turns on? The solution is to let us install a zone control system into your ventilation system so you can decide which rooms receive heating and which ones don’t. You’ll save energy and help the people in your household enjoy personalized comfort.

Call Us for Professional Heating Service

If your heater is leaving your home colder than it should be, get on the phone and call our staff right away. We will dispatch a service technician to you to see that the problem is resolved as soon as possible. To help avoid future problems, arrange for annual maintenance that will keep your heater in the best condition possible.

Breathe Healthier Air is glad to help you with whatever you require to enjoy the shorter cold season in Florida. Whether you want a new gas furnace or need to have quick fixes for a heat pump, you can put your trust in us.