Breathe Healthier Air Provides Comprehensive HVAC Services Customers in Hutchinson Island

When it comes to your family’s comfort, you cannot afford to take any risks. Trusting your heating and cooling equipment installation or service to an amateur can end up costing you. A poorly installed system can fail prematurely and a faulty repair may lead to more damage, which is why professional HVAC services from the team at Breathe Healthier Air is the way to go. Our team has experience with many different types of air conditioners, heaters and indoor air quality systems for commercial and residential properties. We are highly skilled and have been trusted for services in and around Hutchinson Island for many years.

You’ve come to the right place for quality HVAC services. Call the Breathe Healthier Air team today!

Do You Need Quality Air Conditioning Services?

If you want to keep your air conditioner performing at its best, contact our team today. We can offer a number of services even if your air conditioner does not need any major repairs. On top of new installation and replacement, we offer air conditioning maintenance, thermostat services, and zone control installation. We even offer solar and ductless air conditioning installation and services. Just call us for whatever you need to cool your home.

We Service and Install Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

Ductless air conditioners are efficient alternatives to window air conditioners. While you will need a professional to install it, this type of system will last you much longer and could save a lot of money each month. Contact our team and ask about scheduling ductless air conditioning system installation or service for your home.

We Provide Heat Pump Service and Installation

Heat pumps are air conditioning systems that also work perfect in our climate for absorbing heat from the air and moving it into your home in the winter. Purchase and install this high–performance heating and AC system from the experts at Breathe Healthier Air. We also offer all of the services that keep heat pumps going for years.

We Install, Maintain and Replace Thermostat Systems

When you have a good thermostat in place for your HVAC system, you can vary the temperature through the day without being near the system. If your older thermostat is missing these programming settings, schedule programmable thermostat installation or replacement with our experts. We can also replace a thermostat that has broken, or we can install a smart thermostat.

We Can Address Your Heating Needs

Our area has little need for heating systems most of the year, but by the time you do decide to switch yours on, you expect it to work. We install and service heating systems that are perfect for Florida climate, such as heat pumps which work for both heating and cooling. With our services, you can be sure that the heat is always there when you need it.

We Service and Install Gas and Electric Furnace Systems

Whether or not you have a gas line in your home, a furnace is an efficient way to heat an entire home. We can install your new gas or electric furnace or service one when you notice a problem. We recommend calling us for regular maintenance for your furnace as well, so that a heating repair doesn’t catch you off guard.

Turn to Us for Your Indoor Air Quality Needs

You cannot guarantee that the air in your home is clean with a quick vacuuming and dusting of the house. In order to eliminate tiny particles from the air, you need a whole–home indoor air quality system and the services of an IAQ professional. Our experts are committed to helping you find health and comfort from the air in your home. Call our team for comprehensive indoor air quality services.

We Provide Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

The dryer vent has been the source of over 3,000 home fires each year in the U.S. Keep this statistic at a distance with regular dryer vent cleaning from our team. Ensure your family’s safety and health by calling us each year to remove blockage in the vent that could start a deadly fire.

We Service and Install Air Purifiers

There may be a number of contaminants in your air that could lead to illness or aggravate any allergies your family members may have. Protect your family’s health by installing an air purifier in your ducts, a job which is best suited for one of our IAQ experts.

We Service and Install Whole Home Dehumidifier Systems

Whole–home dehumidifiers do more than keep you comfortable. They also remove enough moisture to prevent mold and mildew, and they use less energy to operate than you would use running your AC all day. Our experts can install your new dehumidifier for you and provide services in case of a malfunction.

We Offer Manufactured Home Services

A manufactured home is built differently than any other, with different requirements for the roof, the ceiling, the walls, and the floors. This means that sizing an air conditioning or heating system is a little more difficult, as is sizing the ductwork. Our specialists can take care of this for you, and because we have plenty of experience you know it will be done right. Call us for manufactured home HVAC services.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Commercial HVAC Services

Commercial HVAC systems are much different than residential HVAC systems, which means that a residentially trained technician may not be right for any necessary services. Our commercial HVAC specialists are able to repair, replace, maintain, or install a wide range of systems–heaters, air conditioners, indoor air quality systems, and more. Call us for more information about how we can improve the conditions in your building.

We Service and Install Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Your commercial property cannot go without air conditioning for long. If you need quality commercial air conditioning services–installation, replacement, maintenance, or repairs–call Breathe Healthier Air. You can trust us for all of your commercial HVAC needs.