Breathe Healthier Air Provides Comprehensive HVAC Services to Customers in Juno Beach

If you are looking for a company that can take care of all your home’s comfort needs–air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality, then you have found the right people. Breathe Healthier Air is a locally–owned and operated HVAC company that is dedicated to delivering the highest quality on every single job we do. We offer full repair and maintenance services, and install and upgrade heaters and air conditioners. All of our systems come with a 10–year parts warranty. We also provide commercial HVAC services in the area.

Whatever you require when it comes to comfort, you can count on Breathe Healthier Air to be there whenever you need us.

Do You Need Quality Air Conditioning Services?

Without a working air conditioner, you would find it hard to live in Juno Beach or find much enjoyment in the warm weather. If you home needs a new air conditioning system, either as a complete new installment or as a replacement for a decrepit AC, you only need to give us a call. We offer a variety of energy–efficient air conditioning systems, as well as ductless ACs and heat pumps, and we can take care of whatever you need for quality air conditioning.

We Service and Install Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

Ductless air conditioners work through a series of mini–air handlers mounted on the walls of rooms. These air handlers connect to a single outdoor unit and send cooled air straight into the rooms. The lack of ducts makes them highly energy–efficient. We install, repair, and maintain ductless mini split air conditioners, and are glad to answer any questions you may have about them.

We Provide Heat Pump Service and Installation

For the Florida climate, with our hot summers and mild winters, a heat pump installation makes a lot of sense. A heat pump offers excellent cooling for the hottest temperatures and can switch over into an energy–efficient heating mode whenever necessary. We provide new installation of heat pumps, as well as skilled repair and maintenance.

We Install, Maintain and Replace Thermostat Systems

The thermostat that operates your heating and cooling system is crucial to its effectiveness and energy–saving performance. That’s why we offer comprehensive thermostat services: we want to make sure that you are receiving the best possible from your HVAC system. We can upgrade your thermostat to a new model with extra features, or put in the thermostat for your new home. Trust us to locate the best thermostat to match your needs.

We Can Address Your Heating Needs

The heat in southern Florida can be intense, but we aren’t totally off the hook when it comes to cold weather. You want to be sure that you have a heating system that is ready to work during those cooler days. Breathe Healthier Air can take care of all the heating services necessary to keep your family warm. We install a number of different systems and provide fast and effective repairs and routine maintenance inspections and tune–ups.

We Service and Install Gas and Electric Furnace Systems

When you walk into a home that is pleasantly warm during a cold day, chances are high that it’s a furnace that is doing the work. We install new gas–powered and electric–powered furnaces in the area, and our professionals will make sure that you receive the right furnace to suit your home. If you need to have repairs done, we will take care of them and see that your furnace is put back in working order.

Turn to Us for Your Indoor Air Quality Needs

Low indoor air quality is a problem in many homes today. Because of the insulation on homes to keep the heat out during hot weather and trapped during cool weather, very little fresh air can circulate through the rooms. The indoor air can become stuffy and filled with contaminants and allergens that build up. Breathe Healthier Air has solutions that will help you enjoy healthier and cleaner air in your home. Call us to find out more about the various indoor air quality services that we offer, or to schedule routine air duct cleaning.

We Provide Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

The dryer vent exhausts the heat and moisture from a clothes dryer to the outside of a house. Lint gradually builds up inside this vent, and aside from causing the dryer to become more and more inefficient, it can also lead to house fires. Call us today to schedule professional dryer vent cleaning that will keep your home safe and your dryer energy–efficient.

We Service and Install Air Purifiers

Our indoor air quality experts provide installation of a range of air purifiers and air filters that will remove unhealthy pollutants from circulating through the HVAC system. You can rely on their experience when it comes to finding the right air purification system to see to your needs. We also provide service for air purifiers and filters to see that they continue to work their best.

We Service and Install Whole Home Dehumidifier Systems

Humidity is a major problem in Florida, and a muggy indoor environment will lead to excessive use of the air conditioner and large amount of energy waste. High humidity can also lead to unpleasant mold and mildew growth and building material damage. If you have humidity concerns, call us to arrange for a whole–house dehumidifier installation. We also repair and maintain dehumidifiers.

We Offer Manufactured Home Services

Manufactured homes that are factory constructed and then pieced together on site have some unusual requirements when it comes to properly heating and cooling them. This means you shouldn’t entrust the HVAC work to simply anyone: Breathe Healthier Air specializing in manufactured home services. Our experienced technicians will see to the specific sizing and installation needs for your home so that you can enjoy years of comfort with minimal problems.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Commercial HVAC Services

Do you need work done for the heating or cooling for your company? Breathe Healthier Air offers commercial HVAC services for the area. Whether you need to have a heater put in for a new location or your air conditioner is starting to fail during one of the hottest days of the year, a single call to us will have the problem taken care of. We also handle indoor air quality issues for businesses so you can see that all your employees, customers, clients, etc. are kept comfortable and healthy. Talk to our commercial specialists today to find out what we can do for your establishment.

We Service and Install Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

As with homes, cooling down a business is the major comfort priority in Florida. Our commercial HVAC technicians are experienced with installing, replacing, repairing, and maintaining the large air conditioners necessary to keep a commercial space effectively cooled. To protect your successful company, make sure to rely on another successful company to care for your air conditioning: Breathe Healthier Air.