Breathe Healthier Air Provides Comprehensive HVAC Services to Customers in Sewall’s Point

If you need a new air conditioner or heating system Breathe Healthier Air has it covered. Even if you only need us to repair a smaller issue with your thermostat or to provide maintenance for your heat pump, we are always happy to help. Count on our team for your next commercial or residential HVAC service, whether it’s a full system replacement or a quick repair. We treat your home with respect and will do everything possible to make your next service a positive experience. Trust in us for air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality needs in Sewall’s Point.

Call our trained professional team for all of your home and commercial comfort needs in Sewall’s Point, FL!

Do You Need Quality Air Conditioning Services?

Choosing a new air conditioning system is tough without the proper experience. You must ensure that it is the right size for your home, or else it could fail prematurely, but you also need one with high efficiency ratings if you want to save money each month. So how do you decide? Just call the experts on our team for comprehensive air conditioning installation services in the Sewall’s Point area. We also have expert repair and maintenance technicians on staff to make sure your AC equipment remains in the best shape possible.

We Service and Install Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

Ductless air conditioning systems are efficient, convenient, and just as effective as other standard air conditioners. You’ll need a professional for installation and service, and that’s where we come in. Allow us to take care of this high performance unit so that it lasts for many years to come.

We Provide Heat Pump Service and Installation

Heat pumps are not just for heating; they are also highly efficient air conditioners. A new heat pump can save you a lot of money in cooling costs if you trust our experts with your installation. Our team goes above and beyond for customers to ensure their new heating and AC system gives them a lifetime of enjoyment.

We Install, Maintain and Replace Thermostat Systems

Is your thermostat in need of an upgrade? Replacing your older unit with a modern programmable thermostat can help you to save money each month when you take advantage of the programming settings. We can also replace your thermostat if it stops working completely, or offer services if the temperature in the room doesn’t seem to match.

We Can Address Your Heating Needs

Your heating system may go unused for many, many months at a time here in Florida, and this can cause the parts of your system to fall into a state of disrepair. Call us if you turn on your heater this season to find that your system is in poor condition, and we will do everything we can to restore it. We also install a number of different types of heating systems including gas and electric furnaces, heat pumps, and ductless heaters.

We Service and Install Gas and Electric Furnace Systems

If your gas or electric furnace needs repair, it may not be safe for you to attempt repairs on your own, and you risk further damages. Call our technicians instead and get some peace of mind over the performance of your heater. We can also install a new gas furnace or electric model, so you can get the comfort of a furnace with whatever fuel source is available in your home.

Turn to Us for Your Indoor Air Quality Needs

Your indoor air quality is affected by humidity, dust, bacteria, viruses, pollen, and other indoor air pollutants. In fact, the particles moving around in your air and through your ducts could be more dangerous than the fresh air outdoors. We provide indoor air quality systems and services such as dehumidifier installation, duct cleaning, air purifier installation, and additional whole–home solutions.

We Provide Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

You may not suspect that your dryer could be responsible for a home fire, but blocked dryer vents are known to start thousands of fires each year. Our dryer vent cleaning services help you to feel better about the state of your home as we will ensure that your dryer vent is completely clear of any debris.

We Service and Install Air Purifiers

Whole–home air purifiers are capable of clearing smaller particles from the air than the standard HVAC filter is. They also eliminate many biological contaminants like bacteria and viruses. We want you to stay healthy, which is why we offer whole–home air purifier installation and services.

We Service and Install Whole Home Dehumidifier Systems

Humidity has a major impact on your comfort, and running the air conditioner just doesn’t do enough sometimes. We install and service whole–home dehumidifiers, which can help keep you from feeling hot and sticky all day and can even prevent mold from developing in your house.

We Offer Manufactured Home Services

Manufactured homes are not uncommon in the area, but they have special heating and cooling needs which deserve careful consideration when a technician installs a new HVAC system. Our specialists take measurements and ask you questions so that your HVAC system is designed to custom fit your manufactured home. In fact, even if we did not provide the initial installation, we can provide the services to keep your unit operating.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Commercial HVAC Services

Our commercial HVAC services have helped many businesses in the area. Find out what we can do for yours by calling today! We offer commercial air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality, and duct cleaning services. In other words, we have everything you need for the comfort of your employees, clients, customers, or tenants. Call us as soon as you run into trouble with your commercial HVAC unit or to schedule maintenance or installation today.

We Service and Install Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Any business in the Sewall’s Point area can stand to benefit from Breathe Healthier Air’s commercial air conditioning services. Whether it’s just a routine maintenance visit or a new system installation, we can set up an appointment for you. Call today!