Solar Air Conditioning in Stuart, FL

The sun is almost synonymous with the state of Florida, which is one of the reasons it’s a popular vacation retreat for people from across the country. All that sunshine, however, means that Florida residents need to have powerful air conditioners and be willing to deal with some high electrical bills to keep them running through the warm parts of the year.

But why not combine the power of the sun with the power of an air conditioner? Installing a solar air conditioning system for your home is an excellent way to use an easily available—not mention free and unlimited—source of energy as the power behind your home’s cooling system. If you think that solar energy is out of your reach, call Breathe Healthier Air today. We’ll show you all the possibilities available with solar air conditioning and how we can set up your home to enjoy this money-saving and renewable power source.

If you are looking for solar air conditioning services in Stuart, FL or the surrounding areas, call the professionals at Breathe Healthier Air.

Benefits of Installing a Solar Air Conditioner

Why should you consider putting in a solar air conditioner for your home? There are many reasons, but here are a few of the more prominent:

  • Energy–conserving: Basically, the power of the sun costs absolutely nothing. It’s there for the taking for anyone who sets up the solar panels to collect it. A solar AC will still use some electrical power drawn from the grid to operate, but the cost is minimal compared to a standard air conditioner. You can expect to pay off the price of installing a solar air conditioner within a few short years.
  • Environmentally beneficial: Solar energy is renewable, since it doesn’t take away from a limited resource. Changing over to solar energy also reduces the reliance on coal–fueled electrical plants and lowers emissions.
  • Reliable: Florida has enough sunshine to make solar panels extremely reliable. But even on cloudy days you won’t have to worry, since a battery stores power for later use.
  • Easy to maintain: You might think that having solar panels installed on your house would be difficult to maintain. But they actually require very little work. The rain will take care of most of the cleaning.

We Offer Solar Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Our air conditioning professionals at Breathe Healthier Air handle repair work for solar air conditioners. Whenever you notice a problem with your solar AC’s performance, you only have to give us a call and we will dispatch a technician to fix it. You can also turn to us for annual maintenance to keep your solar air conditioner in the best shape possible. As with all our repair jobs, we back up our work with a 3–year parts guarantee.

Contact Breathe Healthier Air for Solar AC Services

Solar energy is a rapidly expanding field, and more and more homes are discovering ways to use it each year. You may have thought that solar power just wasn’t possible for your home—we would love to prove you wrong! Call Breathe Healthier Air today to arrange for an appointment and we will look over what we can do to put the sun in charge of cooling your home. If you already have a solar AC, let us take care of any services that it may need.