Solar Heating in Stuart, FL by Breathe Healthier Air

Using the sun as a source of heating is nothing new. You probably already take advantage of the sun’s thermal energy when you open the windows to bring warmth into your home. But now, you can take solar heat to the next level by choosing to install a solar heating system for your home. Using a solar heating system allows you to save on electricity and fuel costs. And since many solar heating systems can also be used as hot water heaters, the total savings over the system’s lifetime can be quite high. Besides, you will help protect the earth’s natural resources by reducing your dependence on fossil fuels.

Call Breathe Healthier Air today to learn more about the solar heating systems we install. We will help you to understand your options, discuss your budget, and understand the intricacies of these units. Solar heating is a viable option for many homes in our area, and having a system professionally installed is an easy way to make a major impact on the environment. If you live in the area, contact our professionals to schedule an appointment for new system installation, solar heating replacement, or solar maintenance and repairs.

 Breathe Healthier Air provides solar heating services near Stuart, FL and the surrounding areas.

Is Solar Heating a Good Choice for Your Home?

When deciding whether you should install a solar heating system, cost and location are factors to consider. In Florida, we may not use our heaters too often, but we do use our water heaters, and your solar heating system may be able to power both. Besides, solar heating offers the following benefits.

  • Affordable: When it comes to solar heater, it’s worth looking past the initial price tag and taking into account how much you can save over the years. You may save hundreds or even thousands of dollars based on the lifespan of the system and your low monthly bills.
  • Works in Any Weather: A solar heater should still be able to work when it is cloudy outside and in very low outside temperatures. The only time it cannot collect solar energy is when the sun goes down!
  • A Growing Industry: Solar heating systems and other solar technologies are on the rise, which means the solar industry creates new jobs all the time. Investing in this technology means investing in American jobs.

Solar Heating: How It Works

There are a number of different options available for installation. What all solar powered heaters have in common is a collector that uses the sun’s energy to heat up the home. But some systems use the solar energy to heat up a liquid, while some use it to heat up the air. Ask your technician about options available in your area, and call Breathe Healthier Air to learn more about our solar heaters.

Call Us for Solar Heating Services

When you contact the friendly people at Breathe Healthier Air to get a new solar heater, they will take all the time necessary to locate the perfect system for your home. We also provide solar heating maintenance, repairs, and replacement services. Just get in touch with our team to speak with friendly technicians who want to keep you on the path toward energy efficiency.