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Central heating and air conditioning for homes is a fantastic invention, but one that does have a drawback. Each time you turn on your AC or heater, it sends conditioned air into the ventilation system and goes to every room, regardless of whether the room needs it or not. For a smaller home, this may not mean that much—and it’s certainly convenient—but with a large home it can translate into a significant waste of energy to cool/heat rooms that are empty. Is there any way around this “all or nothing” downside of central air?

There is: the installation of a zone control system. Professionals HVAC technicians can upgrade an existing system or install a new one with controls that make it possible to shut off cooling and heat to certain rooms. If this sounds like something you want done for your home, call Breathe Healthier Air today. We can set up an appointment to see how best to fix up your home to enjoy the many benefits of zone control.

The HVAC professionals at Breathe Healthier Air offer zone control system installation, repairs, and maintenance in Stuart, FL and the surrounding areas.

How Zone Heating and Cooling Works

A zone control system divides up the ductwork of a home using a series of dampers that can shut off airflow to different vents. This separates the home into a series of “zones.” The number of zones can vary from a simple division of the upstairs and the downstairs to making each room its own zone. Each of the dampers has a local thermostat that controls it. The various individual zone thermostats then hook into a central control panel, where all the zones can be operated and programmed.

It is easiest to install zone control as part of the new installation of a full HVAC system. However, professionals can also do the work as a retro–fit on an already existing air conditioning and heating system.

The Advantages of a Zone Control System

There are many benefits of having a zone control system at work in a home, some of which might not be as obvious at first:

  • Energy savings: This is one of principle reasons that homeowners decide to install zone control. Closing off zones that do not need either heating or cooling (for example, a spare bedroom or guest room) will result in a significant reduction on energy bills. Larger houses in particular will see a major change in bills thanks to zone control.
  • Personalized comfort: If people in your household are often bickering over the temperature, zone control can help make peace for everyone. Residents can adjust the temperature wherever they are using the local thermostat. This way, everybody can have the temperature that best suits them.
  • Appropriate comfort for different rooms: Not all rooms have the same temperature needs. A working kitchen will require more cooling power, while a baby’s room should be a bit warmer than the rest of the house. Using zone control gives you the power to set the temperature in each room to match its specific requirements.

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