Get Fresher Air Without Ongoing Costs with the iWave-R® Air Purification System

Having fresh, clean air inside your home is now more important than ever. With the iWave®-R, you’ll enjoy state-of-the-art purification without ongoing maintenance costs.

It’s compatible with any brand of HVAC system and delivers a highly effective method of air purification for your entire home. When air passes over it, the harmless ions it creates eliminate mold, bacteria and even viruses under certain airflow conditions.

The iWave-R can also reduce allergens, odors and smoke that lingers in your home. This includes 99.5% of allergy-triggering mold spores, according to independent laboratory test results.

Breathe Healthier Air has been specializing in improving air quality in Stuart homes since 2007. We only carry the most trusted products like the iWave-R, which has been installed in 200,000 homes and counting.

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Here are just a few more benefits of installing an iWave-R in your home:


1. It Uses Natural Purification That Doesn’t Create Ozone

This innovative air purifier uses the same type of ions that nature creates with lightning. When these ions meet harmful particles, they kill them by removing their energy source. Or, with substances like pollen, they band them together so they can be caught by your air filter.

The only difference between the iWave-R’s technology and nature is that the iWave-R does it without developing ozone. This harmful byproduct can irritate your lungs. It also doesn’t create the “black wall effect” that darkens walls and furniture like negative-only ionizer products do.

2. You Don’t Need to Maintain It or Buy Replacement Parts

Other common air purification technologies require ongoing maintenance with bulb/cell replacement every year or two. This makes the cost of ownership undesirable. With the iWave-R, you won’t need to replace any parts. With a patent-pending self-cleaning design, the iWave-R delivers years of maintenance-free performance.

3. It Works with Any Brand of HVAC System

The iWave-R works with any air conditioning or furnace brand. It can be installed inside or outside ductwork up to 6 tons, or magnetically near your air handler’s fan. Wherever it’s installed, it always runs at peak performance, producing more than 160 million ions/cc per polarity (320 million total ions/cc). This ion production is greater than any other product on the market.

We know that each home has unique air quality issues, and that’s why we’re here to help with a custom air purification solution that fits your home and budget. Give Breathe Healthier Air a call at 772-353-4633 today to schedule your free consultation. There’s never any obligation, just access to our free expert advice.

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